Strategy OS™ IP Usage and Guide Standards

Strategy OS™ IP Usage and Guide Standards Guidelines

Strategy OS™ IP Usage and Guide Standards Guidelines

This Intellectual Property usage guide establishes the guidelines for Guides of the Strategy Operating System™ (Strategy OS) for the proper use of the Strategy OS, Inc. digital brand in their Guide practice (hereinafter: “Guidelines”).

The goal of these Guidelines is to foster the building and maintenance of a strong and consistent print and digital brand and reinforce the excellence of our content and value proposition.

Software application developers, and other third parties must work with Strategy OS, Inc. to obtain approval for their use of our brand elements, concepts, or trademarked/ copyrighted terms.

What is a Strategy OS Guide?

A Strategy OS Guide™ is a business advisor and coach that helps businesses build a differentiated and profitable strategy. Strategy OS Guides help small to medium size businesses get on their local “Fast 50” list and progress to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing US companies and develop the potential to even reach the Fortune 500 rankings.

Strategy OS Guides do this by teaching and coaching their clients through taking 6 steps:

  1. Pick a Position. Understand their Core Business, the forcefield of competition and how they should position their offerings for maximum profitable growth.
  2. Crack the Crux. How to identify, prioritize, intuit and overcome their most critical solvable challenge, that can open the floodgate to growth.
  3. Capitalize on Constraints. How to turn the constraints facing your business into powerful brand promises and Unique Activities.
  4. Author Activities. How to use advanced concepts to generate further Unique Activities that dig a moat around your business and make your business model very difficult to copy.
  5. Strategize a Stack. How to optimize your Unique Activities, expand your business from your niche and harvest network effects for viral growth.
  6. Perpetuate Progress. How to establish an Innovation Culture, practice Smart Mergers and Acquisitions and respond to disruptions by reinventing your business.

Strategy OS Guides often work with companies that have already acquired execution skills by implementing a basic business operating system such as EOS, Scaling Up or Pinnacle.

The Two Types of Strategy OS Guides

Strategy OS Guides

Active Strategy OS App™ members may self-implement Strategy OS at their own organizations or assist other organizations while adhering to these Guidelines.

Certified Strategy OS Guides

In addition to being active and continuous members to Strategy OS App, they:

  • Complete a rigorous 3-day Strategy OS Foundations workshop
  • Engage with the Strategy OS Guide Community to learn and share best practices.
  • Exhibit the Core Values of the Strategy OS Community,
  • Adhere to these Guidelines.

The Strategy OS, Inc. Brand

Maintaining Strategy OS visual brand standards reinforces the value of our brand and creates brand equity for your practice and the organization as a whole.

Strategy OS Logo Usage

Only Certified Strategy OS Guides™ are permitted to use the Strategy OS Logo™. If you have not met the criteria for the Certified Strategy OS Guide designation, you may not use all or part of the Strategy OS logo in your company website, logo, business cards, marketing material, or social media profiles.

Strategy OS Images

Active Strategy OS App members and Certified Strategy OS Guides may use the following images from Strategy OS, Inc. You may not alter the images, other than resizing.

Strategy OS Model™

Strategy OS Model™

Strategy OS Toolkit™

Strategy OS Toolkit™

The Strategy OS brand colors

The following are the brand colors of Strategy OS.


Websites and Branding

Strategy OS Guides should use design elements and content that help to establish their own individual brand without lifting elements from the Strategy OS, Inc. brand.

Branding guidelines

  • Use original designs, colors, fonts, imagery, and copy to distinguish your brand from Strategy OS, Inc.
  • Make it clear that you’re a Strategy OS Guide or Certified Strategy OS Guide, not the creator of the system, or a shareholder, or employee of Strategy OS, Inc.
  • Emphasize your personal brand and include a picture of yourself.
  • Respect Strategy OS’s copyright. Do not verbatim copy the imagery, design, or verbiage of the Strategy OS App
  • Certified Strategy OS Guides only, may display the Strategy OS logo on their website.
StrategyOS logo White
StrategyOS logo Red
StrategyOS logo Black

Free Downloads for Strategy OS Guides

You may make the introduction and Chapter 1 of Strategy OS: Implement an Advanced Business Operating System in Six Simple Steps available for download on your website:

You may not provide any other content authored by Steve Preda or Strategy OS, Inc. as a free download on your site (books, assessments, blogs, tools, etc.).

Credit the book author and include a link to the book listing on

You may display the cover of Strategy OS in any size, but you may not alter the image.

Strategy OS Book

Strategy OS by Steve Preda

Implement an Advanced Business Operating System in Six Simple Step

The book takes the concept of a business operating systems to the next level. It picks up where Traction (about the Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS) and Scaling Up leaves off, and shows you how to intentionally build a highly profitable and defensible strategy. The author presents a six-step model to creating your strategy and illustrates it with scores of stories of how well-known and little-known businesses have executed these approaches.

Strategy OS Key Concepts

When developing your professional bio or website content, you may wish to include some of the following concepts and history to establish context.

Strategy OS history

Steve Preda was a small business entrepreneur who founded and scaled an investment banking firm with the help of the E-Myth and EOS business operating systems. Steve’s business struggled after the 2008 financial crises, but it soon recovered thanks to the rigorous execution framework his leadership team followed. Later a Private Equity group acquired the business and Steve and his family moved to the United States.

After settling his family Steve trained with EOS and Scaling Up and conducted hundreds of leadership sessions. However, he saw many clients flame out and fall into a rut after learning the basics and running out of tools to keep climbing their business mountains.

Therefore, Steve left EOS and wrote a book: Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain (with Gregory Cleary).  Pinnacle clarified and evolved the concept of a business operating system. It also introduced playbook and profit tools that allowed more growth than with earlier systems.

Steve’s latest book: Strategy OS: Implement an Advanced Business Operating System, continues where Pinnacle left off. It helps businesses that have mastered planning execution and systems to create a differentiated and defendable high-profit, high-growth strategy.

If you’d like to grow your business from a local Fast 50 company into an Inc. 5000 or Fortune 500 business, then Strategy OS will help you.  It will give you the clarity, simplicity and originality that you need to take your business to the top.

The Strategy Operating System

Strategy OS, the Strategy Operating System, is a complete toolkit to create the three pillars of a winning strategy:

Differentiation—discovering your constraint-catalyzed Unique Activities and building your hard-to-emulate Strategy Stack

Expansion—Leveraging your Unique Activities and Network Effects to expand in different geographies, markets and businesses

Reinvention —Building your Innovation and M&A muscles and the ability to respond to disruption with reinvention.

You can learn more about the Strategy Operating System by visiting our website at and by reading Strategy OS.

Required attribution

All Strategy OS Guides must pay close attention to the content they create. It is important to maintain consistency with the Strategy OS brand, to give proper credit to Strategy OS intellectual property, and to be sure that you do not misrepresent your role with Strategy OS, Inc.

Crediting Strategy OS as Source for Original or Derivative Content

When authoring your own content (announcements, website pages, newsletters, articles, blogs, etc.), be sure to include appropriate acknowledgments and add a hyperlink when quoting Strategy OS content. If you are interested in authoring a significant work such as an eBook or book, please communicate with Strategy OS, Inc. prior to beginning your project to avoid unintentionally violating property, trademark, or copyright terms.

Proper Attribution of Strategy OS Intellectual Property

Without written authorization from Strategy OS, Inc., use of the phrase Strategy OS, or Strategy Operating System in the name of a business, tagline, or website URL is prohibited.

Use of any copyrighted or trademarked terms in any text or graphics should also give proper acknowledgment to Strategy OS, Inc. Include trademark or copyright symbols on the first instance that a term is mentioned on a page or document.

A full list of Strategy OS trademarked terms is available at